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Financial & COVID-19 FAQ

In an effort to be transparent with families and supporters and as requested during the April 8, 2020 Junior Deputy Town Hall Zoom meeting, the Junior Deputy Board of Directors has created this Financial and COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions tab. Please also check out our new April 2020 - Financial Update tab.

Q:  What is Junior Deputy?

A:  Junior Deputy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Q:  How is Junior Deputy funded?

A:  Junior Deputy receives no financial support for operational costs from federal, state, county, or city government. All park operations are funded by registration fees, donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers.

Q:  Why is Junior Deputy so much more expensive than other area baseball parks?

A:  The majority of baseball parks in surrounding communities are municipally funded and/or municipally operated. Junior Deputy operations are funded by registration fees, donations, and fundraisers and uniforms are covered by team sponsorships.

Q:  What is the current status of Junior Deputy due to COVID-19?

A:  Junior Deputy's baseball park and all baseball activities are suspended through the end of the school year.

Q:  Will Junior Deputy play baseball this summer?

A:  We do not know. We are following the guidance of Governor Asa Hutchinson, the Centers for Disease Control, and Little League International. If the Governor, CDC, and Little League say that it is safe to play baseball this summer, then we will play ball. In this scenario, players registered for the Spring 2020 season will be enrolled in the Summer 2020 season.

We will communicate, through e-blasts and Facebook updates, the status of play for this summer.

Q:  If Junior Deputy plays baseball this summer and my player is unable to play (moving, summer plans, etc.), will I receive a refund?

A:  We are currently maintaining a refund request list. If you would like to request a refund, please send an email here. Whether refunds can be given and the amount of any refunds will be decided after a determination for the Summer 2020 season is made.

Q:  Why not just refund all Spring 2020 registration fees and then reopen registration when it is safe for baseball to resume?

A:  As much as we would like to do this, it is simply not possible. Our total income from Spring 2020 registration, which was open from October 2019 to February 2020, is approximately $200,000. We have spent more than half of that amount on park operations from October 2019 to present. A working group of Board members calculated that an essential operations budget - field work and utilities, primarily - can keep the park operational until September ( *** April 29th Update: October *** ) without additional income. However, if refunds of any amount are issued, then the park would be forced to close sooner than September ( *** April 29th Update: October *** ).

Q:  My five-year-old child only had a couple of practices and did not receive a uniform. Why can't I have a full refund?

A:  5 and 6-year-old players at Junior Deputy play on a relatively new turf field. Every February, our park makes a $25,000 loan installment payment to cover the building cost of the turf field. Registration costs help cover that loan repayment. Additionally, registration costs go to cover utilities, insurance, charter fees, accounting expenses, and the other expenses items listed in the pie charts available under the April 2020 - Financial Update.

Q:  If we play baseball this summer, how will pitch counts be managed for players 9 to 16?

A:  If and when we receive a start date for a summer season, we will have an abbreviated pre-season practice schedule for players 9 to 16. Pitch count rules may be modified to start the season. We want to keep all our players safe and healthy once they are able to return to the field.

Q:  If we do not play baseball this summer, what about my team donation for uniforms?

A:  If we are unable to play baseball this summer AND your team's uniforms were not already printed by Sportstop, then you may request a refund of your team donation.  If Sportstop already printed your team's uniforms, then unfortunately we will not be able to refund your team donation.

Sportstop has advised that the following uniforms were printed or ordered prior to the park halting operations: All Babe Ruth teams, All Cal Ripken teams, Rookie 8 Dodgers, Rookie 8 Mariners, Rookie 8 Pirates, Rookie 8 Tigers, Rookie 7 Astros, Rookie 7 Sox, Rookie 6 Pirates, Rookie 6 Yankees, T-Ball 4 Pirates, T-Ball 4 Red Sox, and T-Ball 4 Tigers. It is our understanding that all other Rookie and T-Ball uniform orders have not been printed.

Q:  Has Junior Deputy applied for a PPP loan?

A:  Yes, Junior Deputy is applying for a PPP loan. ( *** April 29th update: Junior Deputy has applied for and been approved for a PPP loan. We are hopeful the loan will fund soon. *** )

Q:  The 2020 income and expense pie charts show that Junior Deputy had a profitable first quarter. Why can't that profit be used for refunds?

A:  First, we received a private donation in the first quarter that is restricted to park improvements. We are not allowed to provide refunds with this restricted gift. Second, year-over-year we have income reserves at the end of the first quarter. These income reserves are quickly depleted during the second quarter during our spring season as we incur umpire and concession costs. Third, as previously referenced, much of the income from Spring 2020 registration has already been spent. ( *** April 29th update: Please review the additional pie chart showing our average monthly expenses for our essential budget and the bar chart showing how our operating funds are projected to run out in October. *** ).

Q:  If we are unable to play this summer, can I donate my spring registration fee?

A:  Yes. If you would like to donate your registration fee in the event we are unable to play this summer, please send an email here. We are currently maintaining a donation request list.  

( *** April 29th Update ****)

Q:  How much total income did the park receive for 2019 spring registration? How much total income did the park receive for 2019 spring registration? 

A:  In 2019, Junior Deputy had 800 players register for the spring season and spring registration income of $169,160.89. In 2020, Junior Deputy had 875 players register for the spring season and spring registration income of $201,447.95. The increase in spring registration is what will hopefully allow us to keep the park operational until October without additional income.

If you have a question that was not addressed above, please send us an email here and we will do our best to promptly answer your question.


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